Gift Voucher 65€
The true value of the gift lies in the affection with which it is offered

The Apulia Praia Hotel helps you to give the best gifts, full of comfort, friendliness and quality. Offer a gift voucher worth €65 that can be used for a comforting stay at the Apulia Praia Hotel, for all its amenities or even for unique experiences with our partners!

How can you use this e-voucher?

  • One night Bed & Breakfast for 2 people, in a Double/Twin room (depending on the dates to be booked, if the value for the accommodation is greater than the value of the e-voucher, payment of the difference will be requested).
  • As a discount for any other stay in the various rooms and accommodation arrangements at the Apulia Praia Hotel.
  • As a discount for any supplement to your stay, including experiences with our partners, booking directly with our reception.