Apulia Praia Hotel

Located in the picturesque village of Apúlia, Apulia Praia Hotel is prepared to provide you with a comfortable, restful and magical stay. Entertainment will also be part of your visit to our magnificent location, as we will have several leisure experiences waiting for you, whether on land, in the air or in the water!

In addition to these incredible opportunities, you will find, just 400 meters from our hotel, the beach of Apúlia, known for its medicinal water full of iodine and its famous windmills. Also very close to our hotel are the walkways of the North Coast Natural Park, which extend over a 16km route along the entire coastline, and the various pedestrian trails that cross the territories of the region.

Therefore, we invite you to enjoy the beauty of our region, to taste the delicious local gastronomy, to visit the breathtaking tourist attractions and to witness the hospitality of all the locals and Apulia Praia Hotel’s team.

We are waiting for you!