Festivities in Honor of Nossa Senhora da Guia – Apulia 2024
From6 August 2024 To18 August 2024

On the first weekend after the 15th of August, festivities in honor of Nossa Senhora da Guia are traditionally held, being the main festivals of the year in Vila de Apúlia.

In a religious festival where the entertainment part plays a very strong role, the novenas begin a week before at the Igreja Matriz da Apúlia, with the candle procession being one of the most important events at the beginning of the festivities. On the last day, the procession takes place carrying the image of Nossa Senhora da Guia and the traditional sermon in honor of Nossa Senhora da Guia.

But the Festas de Nossa Senhora da Guia in Apúlia are not just religious fairs, with concerts every day at night being the events that attract more people to the festivities, with concerts for all types of tastes, with Portuguese popular music being the favorite genre. of local inhabitants.

Full program soon.