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Beaches of Apúlia, Fão and Esposende

The Apulia beach, considered the best in the north, because it contains iodine, can help solve respiratory problems. It is just 300 meters from the hotel.

It appears as an extensive sandy beach, where some rocky outcrops appear to the north. In the place you can also find the wooden footbridges, which allow easier access to the beach, as well as the Windmills, transformed into housing crowning an old dune.

Still in Apulia, the beaches of “Pedrinhas” and next the also famous Ofir.

Just after the mouth of the Cávado river, the beach “Suave Mar” and, to the north, the beaches of Cepães, Rio de Moinhos, S. Bartolomeu do Mar, Belinho and in the northern limit of the county, the beach of Antas, in the mouth of the river Neiva.

River beaches

And because Esposende has 2 rivers, the Cávado and the Neiva, it can also choose the tranquility of the waters of these rivers. The beach of Barca do Lago, in Fonte Boa, on the river Cávado, and the beach of Santa Tecla, in Antas, on the river Neiva.