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Sports and Nature


Sports and Nature

There are varied activities that you can do, from hiking or cycling to the ecovias, footbridges, routes delineated, along the entire coast of Apulia and Esposende, to the most daring activities such as surfing, kitesurfing, and also the beautiful horse rides.

If you like water sports or river sports, there is surfing on the beaches of Ofir and Esposende, kitesurfing on the river Cávado or another more to your liking. Golf lovers can also take advantage of the golf courses next door at Estela, where guests will enjoy special access conditions. If you want to try other river sports, you can visit Proriver’s website, located in Fonte Boa on the Cávado river.

The observation of numerous species of birds, an activity increasingly practiced and promoted by the Municipality of Esposende, can be practiced in the Cávado Estuary.

All this will allow you an extraordinary contact with the local nature.



GKS - Kitesurf school


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