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Beaches of Apúlia, Fão and Esposende The Apulia beach, considered the best in the north, because it contains iodine, can help solve respiratory problems. It is just 300 meters from the hotel. It appears as an extensive sandy beach, where some rocky outcrops appear to the north. In the place you can also find the [...]


Sports and Nature

There are varied activities that you can do, from hiking or cycling to the ecovias, footbridges, routes delineated, along the entire coast of Apulia and Esposende, to the most daring activities such as surfing, kitesurfing, and also the beautiful horse rides. If you like water sports or river sports, there is surfing on the beaches [...]



Monuments and other places to visit Always present in this region, from the recovered prehistoric castros (bronze/iron age hillforts, one of the most interesting and well recovered, in St. Lourenço, Vila Chã), to the unequaled windmills (transformed into habitation). Also worthy of mention are the numerous festivities such as Holy Week and local popular festivals. [...]



March with Flavors of the Sea "Every year, the City Council of Esposende promotes the initiative" March with Flavors of the Sea ", a program aimed at preserving, enhancing and promoting the gastronomic heritage of the municipality, especially with regard to fish and seafood dishes. In Apulia you can find several of the restaurants, but [...]

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Night Life

Besides being a privilege of nature, the county of Esposende stands out also by the variety of nocturnal spaces. Between Apúlia and Ofir, right next door, you will find one of the biggest Portuguese dancing club: Pacha Ofir and Biba Ofir, in Fão. In a more relaxed environment the village has several cafes, next to [...]