From15 July 2024 To15 July 2024

Historical recreations, music, dance, gastronomy, theater and much more!

The “Galaicofolia” festival is a cultural, recreation and entertainment event promoted by Esposende Municipality, with the main aim of valuing and publicizing Esposende’s cultural heritage, mostly its archaeological and natural heritage. Of all the known archaeological remains, dating back to the Iron Age and the Romanization period, the Castro de S. Lourenço, in Vila-Chã, is undoubtedly the most known and one of the greatest symbols of the archaeological heritage of Esposende and the Northern Region.

This festival celebrates the culture, art, crafts, gastronomy and enogastronomy of the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, the area of influence of the Galician culture, in an immersive and captivating way. With fire-breathers, conch players, furriers, blacksmiths and troubadors, there’s no shortage of stands in a market with lots of handicrafts, various gastronomic areas, such as craft beer, crepes on the fire, ice cream on the griddle, and lots of activities for all ages, especially the youngest. All these recreations take the population to travel back in time and relive their history.